Can you guarantee that we will see Aurora Borealis?

No. Clearly we fully depend on the local weather situation. We have chosen timing and location to give us maximum chances to observe Aurora. This part of the world has relative stable, very cold and clear winters. It is situated to the East of the Scandinavian Mountain Range that blocks most of the Atlantic depressions and it is far enough north (300 km north of the Arctic Circle) to bring this spot within easy range of the Aurora Oval. When skies are clear, chances of visible Auroras here are 90% every night. But that’s all we could do…

Will we get a refund or a rain check if we don’t see Aurora?

No. If the weather prevents Aurora to be visible we will have a lot of fun regardless. It will still be a unique experience to spend days and nights in the dark and cold Arctic winter. All elements of the program will still happen, come rain (very unlikely) or shine!

How cold will it be?

February in the Arctic can be extreme. We can encounter temperatures under -30C, although average temperatures here are between -10C and -20C. The air is usually very dry and winds are calm, so the cold is bearable. You can even sleep outside under these conditions. We will show you! Obviously it is critical to dress properly for these conditions. We will provide ample instructions on what to wear, and also the hotel can assist. You will not be cold!

Can I rent winter clothes, ski’s and other winter gear?

Yes, the venue will have a large collection of Arctic clothing, that you can rent. Our venue also rents cross country ski’s and show shoes. Trails and tracks start at the hotel’s doorstep.

What is the location like? Why here?

The Inari province is located in the extreme North of Finland, on the Russian border, close to Ivalo international airport. Our venue is far enough to the north (68.4’N) to be well within the normal Aurora oval and far from light pollution. The venue is located in a vast expanse of taiga (Arctic forest) and small hills. The area is home to the so-called Arctic big five: Reindeer, moose, wolverine, wolf and bear. You will likely see many reindeer around the hotel.

Outdoor activities

The venue offers a wide range of great Arctic outdoor activities. You will have plenty of personal time to undertake any activities you like. You can do husky safaris, snow mobile trips, ski and snow shoe trips or go ice fishing.

Why a tweetup?

As both organizers are heavily involved in the US and European space tweetup scene, we thought this could perfectly fit into that category. This is an event about space phenomena, that is frequently spotted from the ISS and is popular among astronomers and space enthusiasts alike. Besides, it will be great to tell the world about our adventures through social media. I am sure we will get a lot of (jealous) followers!

That having been said, registration is by no means restricted to tweeps or people involved in social media. This event is open to anyone interested!

Who can register?

Anyone can register. We have no age limits or other restrictions. Our venue is kids-friendly (and it has sleigh dogs), so feel free to make this a family trip. You do not have to be active on Twitter (but you should really consider) or other social media. No restrictions on nationality, food preferences, snow rocket building skills or anything.

First come first serve and waiting list

Registration will be on a first come first serve policy. This is not a lottery, like some other space tweetups.

Registration process

Registration is not open yet. Please check back on this site for registration date or follow @AuroraTweetup on Twitter.


We recommend you check with your travel insurance whether all activities undertaken are covered. Else please purchase appropriate insurance for the duration of this trip. Expedition Factory BV accepts no liability for any losses or damages incurred.