About us

#AuroraTweetup 2015 is organized by Remco Timmermans and Martin Stojanovski.

Remco Timmermans is a space and social media ambassador from Nijmegen, Netherlands. With his company Expedition Factory he organizes Arctic Expeditions and corporate leadership and climate awareness (CSR) training. Together with Martin Stojanovski (below) he organized the very successful first AuroraTweetup in February 2013. Remco is a true Arctic Tourism expert.

In addition to his job as expedition leader and trainer, Remco is the Executive Director of UN-declared World Space Week, the largest space event in the world (follow @WorldSpaceWeek). He is also a NASATweetup, ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup, CNESTweetup and SoyuzTweetup alumnus and is a frequent speaker on space, travel and social media at international conferences. He is a frequent contributor to space magazines and the author of several books on sustainable tourism. He was a co-organizer of the first SpaceUp Europe unconference in 2012 and a Director of the SpaceUp Foundation (follow @SpaceUpEU on Twitter). Oh, he also organized #AlexTweetup, the first ever tweetup at the launch of a manned mission to the ISS from Baikonur in May 2014!

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Martin Stojanovski is an astronomer from Skopje, Macedonia. Martin proved himself as a professional photographer and co-organizer of AuroraTweetup 2013. In addition he has been published in National Geographic Magazine in 2012. Martin is a very passionate astronomy and space exploration enthusiast, he attended the ESA/DLR SpaceTweetup in Cologne and the ESA Mars500 tweetup in Rome. He was the coordinator for all the events in Macedonia during the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and attended the opening ceremony in Paris.

He is the president of the Skopje Astronomical Society and one of the editors of the astronomical web page www.astronomija.com.mk, astronomy lecturer and amateur astronomy blogger. Martin is an expert trainer on astro and aurora photography.

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