Aurora photography gear

Although in a previous post it was explained in general about what you need to have to be able to make photos of Aurora Borealis, here is a more specific post about the right equipment.

1. Cameras
– Analog (take high sensitive film – ISO 400 or up)
– Point and shoot (if suitable for long exposures and higher than ISO 200)


2. Spare batteries for your digital cameras. The more the better as you never know with the cold. It can really drain battery power fast. One additional tip. Always the spares keep them in your clothes so they will be as warm as possible. Also the ones that will be emptied because of the cold (doesn’t mean that they are not usable until recharged) put them inside the clothes after a while at warm their energy will come back.


3. Battery chargers – without them you can’t go out again to make photos the next night     Chargers

4. Tripod – as sturdy as possible to be resilient to wind, but as most travel by plane you need to make some weight and bulk assessments, so see what suits you best. It is always a possibility to place your camera on some self-made ground or objects near by that can act as a tripod. Please note that the plastic parts of the tripod can become very brittle under cold conditions, and may break easily.


5. Lenses – for those that will carry DSLR and analog cameras. The best is some wide angle lenses with fast aperture.


6. Memory cards – the digital cameras wont work without them. Depending on how much you plan to shoot take as much as you need. Of course there are always computers where you can transfer the photos and make free space on your cards.


7. Remote control shutter release – really useful not to move your cameras while making long exposure shots. They can come in different varieties – wireless (only for cameras that have that kind of option) or cable. Also you can have an intervalometer (the one on the right) good for making time-lapse photography as you can set the exposure timing and intervals between exposures and leave it to the camera to do the rest


Of course bring with you your good mood and a smile on your face, no matter how cold and dark it is 🙂