Welcome to the #AuroraTweetup website! On this site you will find information about a unique Arctic adventure under the Northern Lights, to be held in Northern Finland in January 2015. This winter will be close to solar maximum, offering the best Aurora opportunities of the next 10 years! So don’t miss this great opportunity to witness the Arctic Winter at its best!

In 2015 we will organize two unique all-inclusive programs. You only have to bring your camera! Our professional astro- and aurora photographer co-host will teach you how to take the best Aurora and Arctic adventure photos every day. Your second co-host will tell you everything about the Arctic and take you along on daily trips into the frozen wilderness. Both programs are identical, so pick your preferred dates. There is a maximum of 12 guests on each of the trips (minimum 8 people):

Program 1 – Rovaniemi, Finland, 18-22 January 2015
Program 2 – Rovaniemi, Finland, 22-26 January 2015


Image by our co-host Martin Stojanovski